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5 Businesses or Industries in Need of Professional Cleaning

5 Businesses or Industries in Need of Professional Cleaning

The cleaning industry has been growing rapidly for the last couple of years and will continue to grow in the next few years. This is because cleanliness is a big part of almost all businesses. Without proper hygiene and sanitation in our businesses, we cannot be productive, and our health is at risk. Thus, many businesses are seeing the need for professional cleaning services. Professional cleaning service providers help exponentially increase the standards of cleanliness in our businesses, improve our employees’ working environment and even increase our business volume. But you might wonder, which are these businesses that require professional cleaning services?


Schools require commercial cleaning services the most. We all know how messy our children and even our youth can get. Thus, schools can become breeding grounds for germs and bacteria if not well-cleaned, but we don’t want that to happen to our children. This is where professional cleaning services come in handy to ensure that the school environment is safe and secure for our children. Professionals know the high-risk areas and hence take their time to ensure the hotspot areas are taken care of. And when talking about schools, we are talking about grade schools, high schools, private schools, public schools, and even universities and colleges. Daycares, preschools, and community centres also fall into this category. So this is a great industry to explore if you are in the cleaning industry. If you need professional school cleaning in Australia, you can check out Storm International.

Health Care Industry

Hospitals must be kept as clean as possible at all times. As such, they require regular cleaning services. They are designed to ensure good health and provide care for their patients. These facilities cannot provide such services if they don’t have a clean, sterile environment. Can you imagine a surgeon trying to save a life while working in a dirty operating room? It beats logic. When you think about hospitals, the next thing that comes to mind is a high standard of hygiene. Apart from hospitals, dermatologists, dental and urgent care facilities also require professional cleaning services. Rehabilitation centres, hospices, dialysis clinics, processing laboratories, and blood banks are all in this category. This is to say; the whole healthcare industry requires professional cleaning services.

Commercial or Office Buildings

A commercial building can host multiple businesses, such as company offices, coffee shops, convenience stores, or even a restaurant. Although these businesses can employ their cleaning services, the building administration can choose to have a separate provider to perform regular cleaning. A commercial or office building needs professional cleaning service providers because the diverseness of the business can set up shop in the building. Furthermore, a lot of people already come and go to the building, from guests to contractors to employees. This increases the need to maintain cleanliness to entice customers and prevent the spread of diseases. High levels of cleanliness also prevent the buildings from much wear and tear and promote the safety of everyone. This is also a big industry in need of commercial cleaning in Adelaide.

Food-Related Businesses

The restaurant and bar industry has its profit margins closely tied to its level of cleanliness. No one wants to eat in a filthy restaurant or drink at a poorly kept bar. They sell products that human beings ingest, presenting a high risk of causing diseases if cleanliness is insufficient. Regarding food safety, you can only be too careful with cleanliness. Professional cleaning services are very necessary, whether it’s a fast-food place, a casual restaurant, or a five-star hotel. Bakeries, food carts or concession stands, and even butcheries are expected to maintain high standards of cleanliness.

Furthermore, any successfully run restaurant has to maintain compliance with the health department to ensure the safety of consumers. This is another industry with a great need for commercial cleaning in Australia. If you are a business in this industry, it’s high time you look for professional cleaning services.

Government Buildings

Although securing a government office cleaning gig can be hard, this is certainly an area that needs to be explored. Once you secure a government contract, you get a lucrative opportunity that will serve you for years. Government offices need to be clean and well-kept because they are the face of the government, and it has to look organized. Government offices have a lot of foot traffic regularly, and people from all corners of the world visit those offices. Such offices tend to accumulate huge volumes of bacteria over time, and hiring a full-time cleaning company can effectively manage this problem. Plenty of government buildings can use professional cleaning services now and then among local, state, and national offices. You can start with the local city hall to see if you can land a deal. This industry is overlooked, but it needs professional cleaning services.

These are the top 5 businesses and industries that need professional cleaning services in Australia. However, they are not restricted to these five. We have the hospitality industry, gym and fitness centers, banks, and car dealerships, just to name a few. There is no shortage of companies looking for cleaning services because every business has to keep their premise neat. Cleaning services come in handy to ensure that professionals take care of the task of maintaining hygiene and safety standards. Here at Storm International, we are a team of professionals dedicated to carrying the burden of cleanliness for you as you focus on what you do best. We take pride in being the best commercial cleaning company in Australia. We are 100% Australian-owned and have been in the cleaning industry for over forty years. We are ready to take your business cleanliness to the next level!

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