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Office Cleaning Services Adelaide



Professional commercial office cleaning services in Adelaide. Fully insured, trained, and highly experienced local cleaners. Call 1300 361 325 to book today!

Professional Office Cleaning Services in Adelaide

It is essential that commercial offices remain clean and hygienic for the health and well-being of employees and customers. A clean, organized office creates a productive environment and professional appearance

The Storm International team of professionals understands how critical a clean workspace is and has years of experience helping clients maintain healthy, professional environments. Our skilled workers use state-of-art equipment and products to provide the highest-quality service.


We have been providing industry-leading services for more than three decades and are committed to the following principles:

Punctuality: Our workers take pride in providing on-time, expert-level quality and care during every project.

Consistency: We are available when clients need us and guarantee each project meets the highest quality and consistency standards.

Responsive: We are a family company that is available to clients and highly responsive to their needs.

Quality control: Quality is built into our company at every level. We ensure that the highest quality standards are always delivered onsite. 


Cleanliness ensures greater work productivity, and thus arranging commercial cleaning allows employees to start each day in a pleasant, hygienic, and organised environment. By choosing Storm International’s commercial cleaning service for your business further ensures:

Colds and other illnesses can spread quickly through offices but keeping work areas clean helps prevent or slow down the spread of germs. Expert cleaning can help decrease sick days and improve employee morale. Our skilled office cleaners use various methods to remove germs. Our teams are skilled in cleaning bathrooms with Hospital Grade products, cleaning and sanitising work stations, and other routine maintenance cleaning solutions to ensure optimal cleanliness of your office space

Maintaining a neat and attractive office environment is crucial to providing colleagues and clients with a lasting impression and is an indicator of professionalism and attention to detail.

Workers in disorganized, cluttered environments are less productive. It is difficult for them to find what they need, and they may have feelings of discomfort. With that in mind, our highly-trained teams will keep offices sparkling clean and pleasant to work in. Well-maintained offices lead to happier employees and better productivity, which is good for the overall business.

Routine commercial cleaning can help prevent minor issues from becoming major problems. For example, neglecting a small stain on carpeting allows it to set, but expert cleaners find and remove stains, which can save on costly repairs. Also, professional cleaning services spot issues such as rot, insect problems, and mould in the earliest stages. Team members can alert owners to problems and keep an eye on conditions, making it easier to prevent future issues.

We provide a cost-effective cleaning solution that allows for costly office equipment and items to be regularly maintained and kept in good condition.



Storm International provides a wide range of cleaning services that are tailored to each individual client’s needs; as we know, no two clients are the same.

Our experts will tidy and clean work areas, break rooms, and bathrooms during daily office cleaning. The team provides weekly and monthly maintenance services to ensure customer environments remain safe, sanitary, and comfortable.

We offer specialised and periodical services, which include steam cleaning, vinyl stripping and resealing, carpet cleaning, high-level window cleaning, flood and water damage restoration, pressure washing, and many other services.

In addition to regularly scheduled cleaning, we offer one-off services. These include commercial end-of-lease cleans, infectious disease decontamination cleans, specialised cleans, and window cleaning. 

Even when the rest of the building is clean, dust and debris will settle on the equipment used in the office. Computers, keyboards, and other equipment is going to collect the dust, which can harden and cause damage to these devices over time. Keeping them clean prevents this from happening, which extends their lifespan and is more economical for your company. Wiping down the equipment daily can help prevent an accumulation of dust and dirt, and can help prevent the spread of diseases through equipment that may be used by more than one person.
It’s not easy to concentrate when there’s bad odours throughout the office. Bad odours in the office tend to be a source of distraction, making it difficult to concentrate on anything else. Further, an accumulation of dust leads to sneezing and coughing, which decreases productivity in the office. With regular commercial office cleaning services, these issues diminish. The dust won’t have a chance to accumulate before it’s cleaned away and the bad odours will disappear once the office is thoroughly cleaned by our professional team here at Storm International. Employees will feel more comfortable at work, won’t have to worry about what they’re breathing in, and won’t be distracted by layers of dust or the smell of something spilled on the carpet weeks ago.


We are a 100% Australian-owned company that strives to stand out from other commercial cleaners in Adelaide. Our staff is committed to using our industry experience to exceed customer expectations.

Storm Offers Unique Customer Benefits

Storm International provides client benefits that include:

We have provided professional cleaning services to Adelaide and surrounding areas for more than 30 years.

In addition to commercial cleaning, we offer clients a range of options that include sanitary services, waste management, and infectious disease decontamination.

Our team members are professional commercial cleaners. We understand the importance of following set guidelines and continuing to develop more efficient methods of maintaining safer, cleaner working environments. Our TASE-certified cleaners are fully trained, and we hold an ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Accreditation.

We are proud to be early adopters of "green cleaning" practices, and Storm International's team is trained in green cleaning" best practices. Rigorous training ensures that staff members stay current with the latest policies and procedures.



Storm International has the staff and equipment to provide cleaning services to a variety of industries. Our decades of experience make it possible to offer complete solutions that ensure safe, healthy work environments. We serve single and multi-site businesses.

We provide industrial cleaning services to organisations that include council facilities, financial institutions, high-rise apartments, offices, and hotels.

Our staff works with educational institutions that include childcare facilities, schools, and universities. We offer tailored commercial cleaning solutions to aged care facilities, retirement villages and nursing homes.

The Storm International team includes specially trained industrial crews who are experienced in the unique cleaning needs of industrial companies. Teams routinely clean warehouses, public spaces, printing plants, and workshops. Consistent with our company policy, employees are trained in WHS policies to ensure safe, healthy, clean environments. 


Since we provide tailored cleaning services, each customer's cost will depend on the schedule and services they choose. However, our rates are reasonable and highly competitive.

Yes. We are fully insured

Absolutely. We hire only candidates who demonstrate the highest standards of honesty and trust. All team members are background checked, which includes National Crime Checks and, where necessary, Working with Children Checks.

Our experienced workers are carefully trained before they can work with customers. Employees then receive ongoing training to ensure they remain up-to-date with the latest industry developments. This also includes onsite refresher training regularly.

We can create a schedule for any client's needs and offer 24/7 service. Team members can work when offices are closed or during off-peak times, to minimize inconvenience. Cleaners will ensure that your office is clean and neat when you open for business.

The services we provide to each client depend on the arrangements they choose. We offer a comprehensive list of options so that clients can arrange anything from daily office cleaning and ongoing maintenance to one-time specialty projects. A typical list of tasks included in daily commercial cleaning includes, but is not limited to: Vacuuming carpets Disinfecting and mopping floors Emptying waste bins Cleaning glass surfaces Spot cleaning painted surfaces and walls Cleaning break rooms and bathrooms Dusting furniture Removing fingerprints from switch plates Polishing all brass Ensuring all areas are left neat and clean Storm International staff members arrive on time and use high-quality products and equipment. They follow a systematic approach that guarantees flawless cleaning.


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