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School Cleaning Adelaide



Our cleaning company has over four decades of experience in the cleaning industry. We’ve used the time to perfect our services’ quality and build unbreakable relationships with thousands of clients.

You can find our offices all across Australia. Aside from Adelaide, you can find our offices in VIC, NSW, ACT, SA, QLD, TAS, WA, and NT.

We provide a wide range of commercial cleaning services, and one of them includes Adelaide’s Schools.

Experienced and Professional Staff

Storm International heavily invests in its team of commercial cleaners. Every employee in our company goes through thorough training. They adopt the best cleaning practices, empowering them to provide cleaning services up to the cleaning industry’s highest standards.

We deeply care about the educational system of Australia. Our cleaning team pays special attention to keeping every inch of schools in South Australia spotless.

Modern Equipment

We do not only heavily invest in our employees’ training. Storm International relies on the best cleaning equipment in the industry. We invest in professional cleaning equipment such as:

  • Floor scrubbers
  • Floor sweepers
  • High-pressure washers
  • Extractors

Our staff makes the best use of the equipment by cleaning fast yet meticulously. You can rest assured that all areas in your educational facility will be pristine once we finish cleaning them.

We want you to know that all the equipment we use is silent. Our presence won’t interfere with your regular educational activities.

Quality of Service

The quality of service of our commercial cleaners is unmatched in Adelaide SA. The thorough training and unique cleaning methods enable our teams to deliver consistent service quality. 

We know that children spend a lot of time in educational facilities, and we care about their well-being.

That’s why after all school cleaning jobs, our staff carefully checks for quality and ensures that every inch is bacteria-free. We strictly adhere to WHS recommendations and make all learning environments safe for students and teachers. 

Our professional teams value our clients’ time. We’ll always respect the pre-set deadline and finish our cleaning services on time.

Eco-friendly Cleaning Products

We want a clean and safe environment for all the school attendees, but for the rest of Australia too. Storm International always picks eco-friendly cleaning solutions. We get great results, but we also want to protect the environment.

We also follow the best waste disposal practices, ensuring a safe environment while taking away waste from your facility.

Based on all these parameters, it’s evident what makes Storm International the best commercial cleaning company in Adelaide. Our professionalism, dedication, and experience make us the #1 choice.


So many cleaning solutions today work well but are harsh on the environment. Cleaning chemicals can have a huge impact on the environment, and not in a positive way. As a cleaning company, we are aware of how cleaning can impact the environment, and how to minimize these negative impacts on the environment. We take environmentally sustainable cleaning precautions which include the use of eco-friendly cleaning chemicals wherever possible which do not compromise on cleanliness standards and quality.

High Standard Professional Cleaning Company
We are a professional cleaning company with a focus on going above and beyond what you might expect when you have the office cleaned, so you have nothing to worry about and will know the job is done right. Whether you’re looking for daily cleaning to keep the office in good shape or regular services to deep clean areas that need it, our professional cleaners are ready and able to handle the task and make sure it’s done right.


Storm International takes care of all types of educational facilities. We’ve learned a lot from our experience of providing cleaning services for aged care and childcare facilities. 

Our staff deploys the same level of dedication to ensure that every classroom gets the same treatment.

We clean educational facilities that include:

  • Secondary schools
  • Government schools
  • Kindergartens
  • Colleges
  • Universities
  • Private schools
  • Pre-Schools
  • And more

Reach out to us today, and we’ll visit your premises and provide you with a free quote.

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Each client’s cleaning needs are different. To offer the best service to everyone, we create tailored plans that suit the precise needs of your educational facility. That’s why our school cleaning services begin from the moment you reach out to us.

We immediately send out vetted professionals to visit your Adelaide educational facility. There, they assess your cleaning needs, cleaning products and hear out your requirements. Our team goes back to the office with all the relevant details, where we make a thorough plan.

It includes a schedule, cleaning hours and the number of commercial cleaners that’ll visit your premises.

We offer the following school cleaning services:

  • General cleaning
  • Disinfecting
  • Window cleaning
  • Floor cleaning
  • Floor scrubbing
  • Car park cleaning
  • Washroom cleaning
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Pressure washing
  • Kitchen sanitisation
  • Toilet sanitisation
  • Gym cleaning
  • Desk and chair cleaning
  • Office cleaning
  • Dusting
  • Mopping

If you want to hear more details about our cleaning services, please reach out to us. We’ll visit your premises to assess all your cleaning needs.


What Is the Price of Your School Cleaning Services?

Every cleaning contract we sign is different. That also means that the pricing is different for every client. There’s no one-size-fits-all cleaning service that we offer to educational facilities. Several factors impact the costs of our cleaning service. These are:

  • Size of your premises – We’ll automatically need more time and more employees to clean everything on bigger premises.
  • The number of cleaners – The number of our cleaning professionals on your premises will impact the costs.
  • Hours we’ll need – We charge our service by the hour. Premises of different sizes require different working hours.
  • Types of services you require – Each service we provide comes at a different price. Combining what we’re offering will affect the total cost of our service.

After we assess your educational facility and your needs, we’ll provide you with a free quote containing all the costs.

We deeply care about the security of all our clients. That’s especially true for educational facilities working with children. When we say we deliver safety, it doesn’t refer to spotless and disinfected environments. It also means professional staff with a complete background check.

Yes, upon visiting your premises one of the points we’ll mention is the cleaning frequency. Ensuring a safe, educational environment requires regular cleaning maintenance. Different facilities have different needs. Therefore, cleaning schedules vary from one client to another. Every client we work with enjoys the premium quality of our services and gladly sets up a scheduled maintenance calendar. We’ll completely adapt to your needs, so there’s no need to change your current class schedule.


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