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Commercial Office Cleaning Checklist

Commercial Office Cleaning Checklist

  • May 16, 2019
  • George Younan

Every commercial office cleaning service knows the job is not only about dusting the surfaces and keeping the floors clean. Keeping an office sparkling clean and in the best condition requires time and a rigorous cleaning procedure that ensures no nooks or crannies are forgotten. To keep track of the cleaning schedule and ensure no surfaces or spaces are left out, you need to have a comprehensive commercial office cleaning checklist.

Why You Need an Office Cleaning Checklist

Commercial Office Cleaning Checklist | Storm International

There are plenty of benefits with having a checklist for your business and your clients. Even though the checklist requires to be adjusted based on the needs of the office being cleaned, the benefits are the same.

Guaranteed client satisfaction

For any business, starting out on a new contract is always interesting. You are always willing to go the extra mile to impress the client. Over time, the zeal can wear off and your employees can start to get sloppy and forget some areas.

With a cleaning checklist, you can maintain high cleaning standards that impress your clients and guarantee the same standards no matter how long you have the cleaning contract.

Impeccable results every time

A commercial office cleaning checklist helps to improve results every time you clean. It is easy to forget dusting certain areas or taking out the trash. Having a checklist can ensure the cleaning is done properly and all areas are attended to fully.


It is not only embarrassing for a client to call you back to attend to areas that were forgotten but it also wastes precious time that you could have used to serve other commercial office clients. By having a checklist, you and your team have an easier time identifying all the things that need to be done and concentrating more on the cleaning.

Types of Commercial Office Cleaning Check Lists

Depending on the client and their needs, there are two ways you can design your commercial office cleaning checklist.

  • A Time-Based Cleaning Checklist

Commercial Office Cleaning Checklist | Storm International

A time-based cleaning checklist is the most commonly used by the leading commercial cleaning companies. It is ideal for companies that have a rigorous cleaning contract over a long period of time. With this checklist, you distribute the cleaning duties on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

Your Daily cleaning tasks can include;

  • taking out the trash and replacing the trash linings
  • sweeping, mopping and cleaning general areas and applications
  • wiping light switches, doors, door handles mirrors and other accessories
  • vacuuming the carpet
  • cleaning windows, window sills and doors
  • disinfecting bathrooms
  • disinfecting sinks
  • replacing toilet paper and toiletries
  • sweeping and mopping bathroom floors

Your weekly or semi-weekly cleaning checklist can include;

  • disinfecting computers, file cabinets, printers, and work desks
  • vacuuming all offices
  • sweeping and mopping the floors
  • disinfecting and cleaning out the refrigerator
  • wiping and dusting baseboards, windowsills, and other areas
  • wiping the bookshelf
  • cleaning and disinfecting the kitchen area countertop and the tables

Monthly cleaning checklist includes

  • Spot cleaning the walls
  • Dusting ceiling fans
  • Organizing bookshelf and storage cabinets
  • Vacuuming underneath furniture
  • Checking for cobwebs
  • Pouring baking soda in the garbage disposal
  • Wipe off and disinfect appliances
  • Clean ceiling lights and diffuser bowls

It is important to note that your commercial office cleaning checklist should be tailored to meet the demands and needs of your clients. As such, you can even have tasked that are carried out yearly.

A Space-Based Cleaning Checklist

Commercial Office Cleaning Checklist | Storm International

Unlike a time-based cleaning checklist, a space-based option focusses on the different areas in the office. This is a great approach when you have a team of different cleaners working in the same office and you want to guarantee impeccable results all around. You can divide the office into different chunks and have one or two people work on each chunk at the same time.

A space-based commercial office cleaning checklist can be divided into the following areas;

  • Reception
  • Straighten out and tidy welcome mats if applicable
  • Clean both sides of the front doors and pay attention to sensitive materials like glass
  • Empty and wipe trash bins and replace the liners
  • Wipe and disinfect the counter desk at the reception, the coffee table, and the telephone. If there is any other furniture around, wipe and disinfect as well
  • Straighten and organize magazines and other entertainment materials around the coffee table
  • Sweep, vacuum and if necessary, mop the floors
  • Dust lamps, vents, window shades, tables, and other surfaces.
  • Offices and cubicles
  • Empty trash receptacles, wipe and disinfect them and replace the liners
  • Dust cabinets, bookshelves, and other surfaces
  • Dust and disinfect computers, monitors, printers, keyboards, and other electronic equipment
  • Wipe the desk, chair arms, phones, phone earpieces
  • Collect and return any office kitchenware to the kitchen like mugs, plates, and utensils
  • Dust windows, window shades/blinds, and the windowsill
  • Dust HVAC cents
  • Clean all glass surfaces
  • Vacuum, sweep and mop the floors
  • Break and Kitchen area
  • Empty all unclaimed items in the refrigerator
  • Wipe and disinfect the shelves, interior, and exterior of the refrigerator
  • Organize the countertop and straighten items on it to make it look presentable
  • Clean and empty the coffee maker
  • Wash all dirty dishes
  • Clean and disinfect the sink and faucet
  • Vacuum, clean or mop the floors
  • Empty the trash and replace the liners
  • Bathroom
  • Empty the sanitary napkin dispensers and trashcans
  • Clean and disinfect the toilet bowl
  • Disinfect the toilet seats and toilet paper dispensers
  • Disinfect sinks hand dryers or paper towel dispensers
  • Refill toilet paper, paper towels and soap dispensers
  • Check the functioning of hand dryers
  • Wipe down the mirrors
  • Mop and sweep the floors. Use a disinfectant solution when cleaning the floors

A few things to keep in mind

Even with a comprehensive commercial office cleaning checklist, it is vital to double check the work to make sure nothing has been skipped. The little things are the ones that are commonly forgotten like the trash liners.

When cleaning under desks or the HVAC vents, try and clean as deep as possible. Pay extra attention to public areas and make sure they are in pristine condition.

The best way to guarantee quality results for your clients is to put yourself in their shoes. If something does not look satisfactory to you, it won’t be to them either. Take extra time to refine the results and you can always be assured the client will notice.

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