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How Do Professionals Clean an Office?

How Do Professionals Clean an Office?

Because of the COVID virus, almost everyone has gained knowledge in how to clean and disinfect residences and offices. However, professional cleaning is different from doing the cleaning yourself. Commercial office cleaners will be able to help you disinfect your office professionally.

Domestic cleaners deal with homes and apartments, while commercial cleaners work with hotels, restaurants, offices, hospitals, and other commercial establishments. Commercial cleaning services provide a deeper clean since they use stronger disinfectants and heavy equipment. Office cleaners in Melbourne use industrial vacuums, buffers, and window-washing gear.

Commercial cleaning services can perform in-depth scrubbing to spot-cleaning. A clean office improves productivity, creativity, and health. It makes your business look professional.

Your reception and lobby area should be cleaned daily, as this is where you will receive your clients. You should maintain a good appearance and maintain a great first impression of your office. Workspaces, washrooms, breakrooms, and kitchens should be maintained daily since your staff frequents these areas.

You can have your cleaning team in the office. However, hiring a professional cleaning company allows you to concentrate on your business while leaving the cleaning to the experts.

How Do Professionals Clean An Office?

  1. Office buildings. Recycling bins are first emptied. Any litter will be swept and disposed of properly. Bookshelves, picture frames, and windowsills will be dusted. Basic cleaning of desks, tables, chairs, and countertops will be done. Window cleaning, vacuuming, and mopping will come next. Lastly, cleaners will wipe down toilets, kitchens, break rooms, faucets, and doorknobs.

  2. Schools. Childcare centres need general cleaning because children can easily be ill due to germs and bacteria. They have developing immune systems and tend to put their hands in their mouths. Kids are not very conscious about hygiene, so they must always be reminded to wash their hands. School areas have more bacteria than others. Play areas should be paid special attention to while cleaning. Cleaners will vacuum or steam the carpets and spray on toys and tabletops. Play equipment will be disinfected as well. Rooms, toilets, basins, and nappy changing stations will be cleaned thoroughly. Windows, blinds, and floors will be disinfected by sweeping, vacuuming, and mopping.

  3. Hotel lobbies and rooms. Hotel staff can deal with laundry, clean-up, and light cleaning. Office cleaners in Melbourne can deep clean guest rooms. They can steam-clean the carpets, disinfect the toilets, and dust the whole room. During the night, they can clean common areas like the lobby, waiting rooms, the gym, and the gift shop.

  4. Hospitals. Cleaning companies will cover all areas of hospitals to prevent the spread of germs. The waiting area is one of the common rooms where people come and go. Cleaners will disinfect all surfaces and chairs. You can install an air purifier for additional disinfection. All rooms should be cleaned before and after each patient. Cabinets, beds, and couches will be sterilized as well. Blinds, lamps, TVs, computer monitors, and keyboards will be disinfected, too. Frequently touched objects are a priority for cleaning.

  5. Gyms. Gyms should be disinfected daily. Users should be encouraged to clean equipment before and after use. Professional cleaners will ensure that bacteria will be kept away. Your gym should not smell musty, which is caused by sweating bacteria. It’s both unpleasant and unsanitary. Air purifiers should be set up in ideal areas. Cleaners would first disinfect the exercise machines. They will wash them from top to bottom to remove grease, sweat, and fingerprints. Next, they will tackle the window walls to remove smudges. Showers, toilets, and changing rooms will be disinfected lastly to remove soap residues.

  6. Hotspots. Office cleaners in Melbourne should deep clean the most utilized area of your office. These include kitchens, toilets, and standard rooms. Since there is high traffic in these areas, more germs will build up here. Cleaners will first deal with the space, wiping down surfaces, sweeping the floors, and disposing of litter. They will then spray disinfectant on surfaces, leaving it for 10-15 minutes to kill germs. Mopping of floors and walls will come next. The cleaner should wear PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) while wiping all surfaces.

  7. Exterior. Cleaning your office exterior will prevent your building from looking rundown. Exterior cleaning involves removing trash and debris. It also includes washing exterior windows. Signs are cleaned to remove grime and smudges. Pressure washing of the walls is done.

Cleaning Tips From Professionals:

  1. Use environment-friendly products. Green cleaning products are safe for the environment and your employees.

  2. Keep toilets and bathrooms clean. Bugs that carry diseases can stay in an unclean bathroom. They carry bacteria and viruses that can transmit diseases to your employees.

  3. Dust your electronics. Computers, monitors, and other electronics are dust magnets. Dust should be removed from these surfaces using air dusters and soft cloths.

  4. Disinfect your desk and telephone. You can use disinfectant wipes once a week to remove dust, dirt, grime, food stains, fingerprints, and bacteria. Do not let items accumulate on your desk.

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  1. Bring their equipment. The cleaning company should bring everything they need to clean your office. Vacuums, sprays, and cloths are among the materials that they need.

  2. Arrive on time. The crew should arrive on time, especially if they can only clean in your office for a certain schedule. They should be able to complete the cleaning within a certain time frame.

  3. Tick off all the boxes. All cleaning tasks should be done and done well. You should be able to feel the difference between before and after cleaning. You should inspect the area that you asked them to clean.

  4. Maintain safety. Cleaners should prioritize safety, especially when cleaning while employees are working. The crew should be able to clean without causing too much disruption. They should be wearing protective gear while cleaning.

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