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How to Properly Take Care of Commercial Floors

How to Properly Take Care of Commercial Floors

Floors are probably the first thing that catches people’s attention as they walk into an office, restaurant, mall, or any other business place. You might have chosen and installed the best floors to complement your commercial facility, but it’s only natural for it to lose its shine and wear out over time if not properly taken care of.

Even though commercial flooring is meant to handle routine foot traffic, survive spills without getting stains too easily, and make cleaning easy. Busy workplaces are prone to dust accumulation and foot marks, marring the appearance of beautiful floors. So, if left unattended, it won’t take much time for visitors to notice the scuffed, grimy floors and take a negative impression of your business.

A commercial cleaning service provider in Australia might help you take care of your commercial floors and keep them shiny and bright for longer. It is important, however, that you know how to properly take care of commercial floors. Let’s help you equip yourself with some pertinent information on cleaning different types of floors.

Cleaning Checklist For Proper Maintenance of Commercial Floors

Ask the best commercial cleaning companies in Adelaide, and they’ll recommend some or all of the following points to clean your commercial floors and maintain them as good as new.

Use Walk-Off Mats

The use of walk-off mats is a must for commercial spaces. They keep moisture and dirt at bay and ensure your floors look as clean as new. You can put mats at every entrance, depending on the outside soil and the foot traffic received. When placed strategically, these mats can add years to the lifespan of your commercial flooring.

Vacuum, Clean, and Mop Your Floors Regularly

Dust and dirt are easily noticeable on hard floors, particularly when exposed to sunlight. Vacuuming your hard floors is a good idea to remove all the dirt they receive throughout the day, even if it is stuck in the edges, corners, and under the furniture. Once you’ve taken care of the dust and soil, wet mopping will be a lot easier. Use a neutral cleaner with a wet mop to give your floors some shine.

Heavy Traffic Areas Need More Attention

It’s a no-brainer! Ensure that the areas in your commercial building that receive the most traffic are cleaned frequently and get more attention. You may even choose to vacuum and mop them several times a day by observing the routine traffic patterns.

Clean Spills and Remove Water Immediately

Spills are probably the toughest area to address when cleaning commercial floors. While hard floors can easily withstand moisture, you must remove the liquid instantly to avoid stains and any possible damage. You can wipe with a cloth or paper towel, but if the liquid is staining or sticky, try to clean it with a mixture of vinegar in water. You can also keep a spray bottle handy to ensure instant cleaning.

Deep Clean Every Once In A While

Besides regular vacuuming and mopping of your hard commercial floors, deep cleaning using an auto floor scrubber is also important. Auto scrubbing your flooring can help get rid of stains and soil faster, better, and more hygienically. Depending on the amount of foot traffic received, deep cleaning every week or every month, along with burnishing or buffing, would be a good idea.

Incorporating this commercial floor cleaning checklist into your everyday routine will make your floors shine like never before.

How To Clean Different Types Of Commercial Floors?

While the above checklist is recommended by most professional commercial cleaning service providers in Australia, you may need a different approach to clean different types of commercial floors. Let’s explore more about how you should clean various types of commercial floors.

Cleaning Tile Floors In a Commercial Facility

While tile floors are one of the easiest to clean and maintain, you must mop them regularly and scrub them with an auto floor scrubber to keep them looking as good as new.

Here’s what the cleaning process should look like:

  1. Sweep regularly and get rid of any debris and dirt before mopping.
  2. Mop with a string or yarn mop and have a cleaning plan to ensure every corner is cleaned properly.
  3. Change dirty water frequently while mopping to avoid your commercial floors looking grimy and stained.
  4. Buff the floors with a clean micro-fiber mop or a lint-free cloth.

Cleaning your tile floors shouldn’t be a hassle. Just follow these simple steps, and you can get the desirable results.

Cleaning Vinyl Floors In Commercial Buildings

Vinyl floors tend to last longer when you take good care of them. However, you may need to take a different approach to clean vinyl floors in a commercial building. Follow the steps below to keep your commercial vinyl floors in top condition.

  1. Clean using a damp mop and a neutral cleaner, moving the mop as if you were making the figure eight.
  2. Once the cleaner is applied, dampen the mop with clean water and mop the floors to remove the cleaner.
  3. Dry the surface with an air move and eliminate any leftover dampness.

Applying 3-5 coats of acrylic floor finish is a good idea to get the best results.

Cleaning Other Types Of Commercial Floors

Besides the commercial floors mentioned above, you may need to change your cleaning schedules slightly for various other floor types.

  • Laminate Floors. Laminate floors work great in high-traffic areas and don’t require any complex cleaning. They are low-maintenance floors and can be maintained well if you don’t expose them to high amounts of moisture.
  • Rubber Floors. Rubber floors are often found in gyms and kids’ play zones. They can be maintained easily with regular sweeping and mopping. You don’t need to deep clean rubber floors.

Basic cleaning and maintenance are usually the same for almost all types of commercial floors. With proper cleaning schedules and a little bit of improvisation in your cleaning plan, you can maintain your commercial floors as good as new and add years to their lifespan. For a more thorough and professional cleaning job, consider hiring the services of commercial cleaning companies in Adelaide. They have the expertise and the equipment to give you a flawless clean.

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