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Commercial Carpet Cleaning Melbourne



Storm International is a 100% family-owned Australian commercial cleaning company. Ever since our inception, we’ve put our clients first. That meant delivering impeccable cleaning services without exceptions.

After focusing on that goal, we’ve let the quality of our service represent our professionalism and dedication to outstanding cleanliness on all premises we visit. You’ll find that our professional carpet cleaners are the best in Melbourne.

The determination, persistence and quality of service have let us expand our company’s offices throughout Australia. Today, you can find us in territories including NY, NSW, TAS, WA, QLD, ACT, SA and VIC.

Our journey doesn’t stop there. Even though we’re a family-owned business, we’ve adopted the growth mindset where the sky’s the limit. We’re consistently working on growing the number of our happy clients.

Storm International’s goal is to build powerful relationships with clients by delivering unmatched cleaning services across all industries. Reach out to us today to get a free quote from our cleaning experts.


So many cleaning solutions today work well but are harsh on the environment. Cleaning chemicals can have a huge impact on the environment, and not in a positive way. As a cleaning company, we are aware of how cleaning can impact the environment, and how to minimize these negative impacts on the environment. We take environmentally sustainable cleaning precautions which include the use of eco-friendly cleaning chemicals wherever possible which do not compromise on cleanliness standards and quality.

High Standard Professional Cleaning Company
We are a professional cleaning company with a focus on going above and beyond what you might expect when you have the office cleaned, so you have nothing to worry about and will know the job is done right. Whether you’re looking for daily cleaning to keep the office in good shape or regular services to deep clean areas that need it, our professional cleaners are ready and able to handle the task and make sure it’s done right.


We spend most of our days in commercial spaces, either in offices or just in commercial buildings. About 5-8 hours each day are spent in those spaces. Have you ever thought about what your experience would be like if those spaces were not properly cleaned? Or the impression it would have on your customers or potential clients? I guess terrible, right? And have you ever imagined some people or companies have heavily invested in making those spaces look clean? Look at your surfaces, windows, doors, floor, and carpet. Someone is invested in making sure all those areas are up to standard. Let us take a closer look at carpet cleaning, specifically commercial carpet cleaning in Melbourne.



Let’s start with the basics. What comes to mind when you think of carpets? I found an interesting way to think about carpets; carpets are to the floor as socks are to the feet. Carpets are great, aren’t they? Now let’s look at commercial carpets. What role do they play? Carpets add a particular taste to your floors. They make your space look more aesthetic and even warmer. But then, what happens when it’s time to clean them? I’m sure you have not thought about it. Well, for residential carpets, it can be a bit easier. What about commercial carpets?

When you think about the word commercial, what comes to mind is just a step higher than residential. However, when it comes to carpet cleaning, the story is quite different. Cleaning commercial carpet takes more time and requires heavy-duty equipment that residential carpets may not need. Office spaces, for example, have carpets covering a large floor area and thus need professional companies to clean them. These companies use truck-mounted machines to clean the entire carpet thoroughly and efficiently.

Well, for commercial carpet cleaning, timing is a significant factor. For residential carpet cleaning, the cleaning can be done during the day or on the weekends. However, for commercial carpet cleaning, time options are limited. This is because most commercial buildings are busy during the weekdays and weekends. Thus, most commercial carpet cleaning is usually done at night to ensure that workers, customers, or business operations are not disturbed and that cleaners move freely.

The pricing for commercial carpet cleaning is different from that of residential carpet cleaning. The pricing packages also differ because both situations have different needs. Commercial carpet cleaning packages can depend on the amount and frequency of the cleaning and maintenance work. Many commercial carpet cleaning companies in Melbourne are kind to provide their clients with free quotations. One such company is Storm International, Melbourne’s leading commercial carpet cleaner.

Finally, hiring a commercial carpet cleaning company to take care of your carpet is a great investment for your company or office. This is because you can be assured of a high standard of cleanliness at all times, and your staff will have a healthy environment to work in. No one wants to work in a dirty environment. Your employee productivity will also increase.


Why do you need to have your carpet cleaned? We all need to ensure that our environment is clean and has fresh air. An office with a dusty and stuffy carpet is not the best environment to work in. In such a space, the staff’s productivity is low, and our customers might not be impressed with our services. So what are some of the benefits of commercial carpet cleaning?

Aesthetics and Scent Control

It can be confidently said that the looks of your office directly reflect your business values. Hence, maintaining your office space goes a long way in building your corporate image. When someone walks into your office, they see the carpet first. You don’t want to send a bad image by having dirty carpets. Stained and tattered carpets aren’t just hard on the eyes; they’re hard on the nose, too. Offices that don’t have regular carpet cleaning services contain dirt, skin, and bacteria – all of which create a musky, dusty odor that taints your facility’s image. The good news is that there are commercial carpet cleaners to get the job done.

Air Quality

Carpets trap all types of dust and allergens. Imagine that the carpets are an air filter in the office. The dirtier they are, the more buildup there is in the air. Dirty carpets restrict airflow, especially in areas where your carpet meets the wall. This is where air needs to move the most. If you are keen, you can notice that the air feels stuffy between carpet cleanings from all the clogged dirt. However, working with a professional carpet cleaner like Storm International guarantees improved air circulation in your commercial space.

Longer Investment for your Carpet

Does your carpet have a warranty? Professional carpet cleaning services help ensure your warranty is upheld. Experienced cleaners know how to comply with carpet warranty and manufacturer recommendations. Busy carpets can be breeding grounds for dust mite infestations. Professional carpet cleaning services help eliminate this severe issue, which, if left unattended, can mean replacing all the carpets in your office. Regular cleaning extends the life of your carpet, which in the long run, results in savings.

Investing in commercial carpet cleaning means keeping your staff and customers in a safe place. It means that your business will be aesthetically-pleasing and will motivate your staff to work even harder. A clean working space quickly translates into clean management, clean work, and a good public image. It will make your customers proud to be associated with your brand. Therefore, it is good to work with a reputable commercial cleaning company like Storm International for commercial carpet cleaning in Melbourne and other commercial cleaning services. With over forty years of experience, Storm International has proved to be the master of any type of commercial cleaning.



Our carpet cleaning company is the best pick for customers in Melbourne for several strong reasons. We’ve used all the knowledge we’ve gathered over the four decades to perfect our services for our clients. Here’s what keeps us on top of the cleaning industry.

Tailored Carpet Cleaning Services
We approach every cleaning job knowing that the client has specific requirements for their premises. That’s why we never offer one-size-fits-all cleaning plans. Every commercial property is unique and requires a careful assessment before we can move forward.

As we want to provide you with the ultimate quality of service, after contacting us, you can expect our vetted carpet cleaners to visit your property after contacting us. You’ll walk us through your property and share your cleaning requirements with our team during this process.

Our goal is to assess:

  • How many cleaners you’ll need
  • How many hours the cleaning job is going to take
  • What cleaning equipment we’ll need
  • Schedule and the final deadline to finish our carpet cleaning.

After we agree upon everything, we’ll head over to our Melbourne office and prepare a free quote for you.

Expertise First
We know that the only way to offer outstanding service is to train your staff. All our employees go through a detailed training process that teaches them about using the best cleaning process for your carpet.

All our carpet cleaning company employees follow the best practices to deliver our clients’ best carpet cleaning services. Aside from going through thorough training, the majority of our professional cleaners have years of experience.

Four-decade Experience
Storm International has had plenty of time to develop the best cleaning techniques for carpet cleaning and other commercial cleaning services. Forty years of experience was more than enough to experience unique cleaning requirements from thousands of clients.

That knowledge helps us remain effective in our cleaning processes, cleaning solutions, and cleaning strategy creation.

When you reach out to us, you can rest assured we’ll meet your cleaning requirements, as we have already developed a wide range of practical strategies for different types of commercial properties.

Modern Cleaning Equipment
While we heavily invest in quality training, we do the same with cleaning equipment. We know how important it is to equip professional cleaners with equally professional tools. Our employees deliver outstanding carpet steam cleaning services with powerful extractors.

The equipment in our hands helps our employees move quickly while effectively removing all the dirt, grout, allergens, dust mites and many other compounds from your carpet fibres.

What’s more, we’ll be in and out of your commercial property without interfering with your everyday business procedures. Our equipment is quiet, causing no distractions for your employees.

Impeccable Quality of Service
Another reason why we’re successful with professional carpet cleaning is the quality check processes our employees perform. After the carpet cleaning procedure is over, our employees take the time to examine the results of their work carefully.

If there’s an inch that requires more attention, our employees will quickly ensure that it too gets the proper treatment and is bacteria-free.

We take our quality of service seriously, as we want only the best surroundings for our clients. Making great first impressions requires spotless office space that represents your business. We proudly make that happen every time.

Eco-friendly Cleaning Products
We want what’s best for Australia. That puts the healthy environment first! That’s why you’ll see us following all the environment-friendly practices in our cleaning procedures. We use eco-friendly products such as detergents and deodorants.

While we want to deliver impeccable carpet cleaning service, we also want to protect the environment.

You’ll also find waste removal strategies in our range of available services. If you need an effective waste removal process, please contact us today.

Competitive Prices
Last but not least, pricing is an essential element in providing value to our clients. That’s why we always propose fair hourly rates that work best for our clients and our team of professional cleaners.

If you want to learn more about our prices, contact us today to receive a free quote from our vetted cleaning consultants.

After a thorough inspection, we can precisely determine what kind of equipment, cleaning products and how many people will clean your premises. We can then provide you with a quote covering all the industrial cleaning costs.

If you want to learn what’s the cost for your premises, please reach out to us. We’ll inspect your facility and provide you with a free quote.

Industrial cleaning pricing varies greatly. It all comes down to the client’s specific needs. Our consultants get out in the field to evaluate your premises. After a thorough inspection, we can precisely determine what kind of equipment, cleaning products and how many people will clean your premises. We can then provide you with a quote covering all the industrial cleaning costs. If you want to learn what’s the cost for your premises, please reach out to us. We’ll inspect your facility and provide you with a free quote.

Professional industrial cleaning services include cleaning all the surfaces in your facility. Storm International performs floor sweeping, floor scrubbing, high-pressure washing, and many other industrial cleaning services. Reach out to us to get a free quote. We provide unique services for all our clients, as every business has different needs. Our professional team will adapt to your request and meet all your cleaning needs.

Industrial cleaning is a process in which a team of professionals provides a cleaning service in potentially hazardous surroundings. These environments include power plants, factories, warehouses, workshops and any other industrial facility. Only experienced and trained professional cleaners can deliver outstanding results, given how high the WHS standards are. It’s why Storm International was the first choice for many of our industrial clients.


Our all-encompassing commercial carpet cleaning services are the primary reason why client’s continue calling us back for more help with their cleaning services.

From the moment you reach out to us, we provide support and help guide you through the best practices for keeping your work surroundings safe and healthy for your employees. We can help you with a wide range of carpet cleaning services. Some of them include:

  • Stain removal
  • Upholstery cleaning
  • Grout cleaning
  • Dry cleaning
  • Hot water extractions
  • Deodorising
  • Dust mites removal
  • Sanitising
  • Rug cleaning
  • Removal of stubborn stains
  • Deep cleaning
  • End of lease cleaning
  • Removal of wine stains
  • Water damage repair
  • Grime removal
  • High-pressure washing
  • Vacuuming
  • Regular carpet cleaning

The best part is that all of these carpet cleaning services come at affordable prices. If you’re eager to learn more about costs for your premises, please reach out to us, and we’ll assess your premises and your unique needs.



Ensuring safe working surroundings is essential in all lines of work. Spending 8 hours in an office with built-up dirt, dust mites, and grime in its carpets can be detrimental to your employees’ health.

However, with the proper schedule for your carpet cleaning needs, you’ll keep your working environment sanitised, healthy and welcoming to your business clients. Upon our visit to your premises, we’ll create a regular maintenance schedule to keep your carpets clean.

Additionally, regular cleaning will extend the life of your carpet. Our high-quality carpet cleaning solutions will keep your workplace fresh and deodorised. That’s perfect for making great first impressions.

There are only benefits to regularly cleaning your carpets. Don’t forget to create a cleaning schedule as maintenance of regularly cleaned carpets is much less demanding and cheaper.

Carpet cleaning costs vary from one client to another. Several crucial factors affect the total pricing of carpet cleaning services. They are: Size of the premises - Commercial property size will affect the pricing. Bigger spaces need more time, professionals and cleaning solutions for high-quality results. The number of hours required - The number of hours directly impacts the price of the service. Type of services offered - Different services require different cleaning products, equipment and time. The price will vary depending on your cleaning needs. The number of cleaners needed - The more employees need to clean your premises, the higher the cost is going to be. The carpet’s state - If the carpet isn’t properly maintained, it’ll require a deep cleaning session that’ll take more time to finish. However, less time is needed to perform the regular carpet cleaning procedure with a regularly maintained carpet. Therefore, placing a fixed price on cleaning services is impossible. There are plenty of elements to consider. If you want to know carpet cleaning costs for your premises, please contact us today. We’ll provide you with a free quote on short notice.

The only way to keep your carpet dirt-free is by hiring experienced professionals. While you can partially remove some dirt with the regular vacuum cleaner, removing all the toxins is only possible with professional cleaning solutions and equipment. Storm International carpet cleaners have plenty of experience with various types of carpets. They have all the necessary equipment to remove all the dirt, bacteria, viruses and other toxins from the carpet. After we visit your premises, your employees will return to a healthier workplace environment.

Storm International has rich commercial cleaning experience. Our company is ready to handle any kind of carpet cleaning requirement in any industry. We use effective cleaning solutions that’ll remove any type of stain from your carpet. Whether we’re talking about a store, a restaurant, a hotel, office space or any other commercial facility, we’re more than ready to meet your specific cleaning requirements. Our four-decade experience has given us plenty of opportunities to learn everything there is to know about thorough carpet cleaning. Get in touch with us today and let us help you prolong the life of the carpet on your premises.

Storm International uses two different cleaning methods to ensure the ultimate cleanliness of your carpet. Steam cleaning is the best approach because it effectively removes all dirt from your carpets. That applies to bacteria, viruses, germs, grime, toxins and any other allergens on your premises. That’s essential for the health of your employees. Another process is dry cleaning. However, it’s important to mention that while it’s highly effective, it uses some powerful chemicals in the process, which might be problematic for some of your employees. The significant advantage of dry cleaning is that you can continue using your premises almost immediately after cleaning while steam cleaning takes some time to dry. Get in touch today, and we’ll visit your premises to determine the best cleaning approach for carpets on your premises.

After the steam cleaning service is complete, avoid stepping on the carpet for a couple of hours. That way, you’ll ensure that it remains clean while it completely dries off. If you have to walk on it, please use clean shoes to ensure no dirt gets inside immediately. In the case of dry cleaning, you can use the carpet after 30 minutes of the carpet cleaning procedure. Whatever the cleaning method used, please ventilate the space to ensure that the air is fresh on your premises until the carpets are completely dry.

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