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Why You Should Use Storm International for Your Strata Cleaning Services in Melbourne

Storm International profoundly cares about all its clients. We show this through offering a fantastic quality of service every time we visit your premises. Our goal of keeping clients first has not changed over the 40 years of our existence.

We’ve used the time to raise our service quality to the highest standards of our most demanding clients. That’s why you’ll find us not only in Melbourne but in all the other Australian territories.

Here are a couple of reasons that make Storm International the best pick for body corporate cleaning.

  • Unmatched professionalism – Our cleaning team goes through detailed training to meet various clients’ cleaning needs. After finishing, they are familiar with all the best cleaning procedures, cleaning solutions and cleaning equipment. We take our training very seriously as the quality of our service is our most important asset.
  • Professional equipment – We use the best cleaning equipment in the market to ensure that every inch of your commercial property remains clean. The high-quality equipment helps us move fast and deliver outstanding cleaning services.
  • Efficiency – We value our client’s time, and we want to make your commercial premises shine without disrupting your regular business activities.
  • Reliability – You can rest assured that we’ll finish all our services in time as previously agreed. The same goes for following the cleaning schedule and the quality of our service. We also run a background check of all our commercial cleaners, so we know that only trusted people are on your premises.
  • Tailored services – We’ll assess your cleaning needs thoughtfully before starting our cleaning services. Each of our clients has specific cleaning requirements. Our goal is to create the most optimal cleaning approach that’ll keep your premises spotless year-round.
  • Value – Storm International stays competitive by offering the best value in the cleaning industry in Australia. All the services we provide are incredibly affordable, making us the best pick.

If you’re interested in learning more about our commercial cleaning services, please contact us to get a free quote.


What the Team at Storm International Offers in Their Strata Cleaning Service

Storm International offers a wide range of body corporate cleaning services as we want our clients to have peace of mind when they call us. We’re a go-to solution for all your cleaning needs. You’ll find the following services available:

  • Window cleaning
  • Office cleaning
  • Common areas cleaning
  • Carpet steam cleaning
  • Apartment blocks cleaning
  • Maintenance services
  • Emergency cleaning
  • Gym cleaning
  • Hard floors cleaning
  • Lift cleaning
  • Car park cleaning
  • Disinfection
  • Sanitisation
  • Rubbish removal / Waste removal
  • Floor sweeping
  • High-pressure cleaning

With years of experience under our belts, we professionally approach every need that our clients might have. If you’re interested in learning what our strata cleaners can do for you, please contact us to get a free quote.


Why Do You Need Body Corporate Cleaners in Melbourne

Professional cleaners are the only ones who can keep your strata premises clean according to the highest industry standards. Storm International professional strata strategies enable us to meet all cleaning requirements thanks to our thorough cleaning process.

Ensuring clean office space is a must, especially in the current worldwide circumstances. We want our client’s employees to work in healthy, disinfected and safe surroundings when they come into work.

Furthermore, your work environment reflects the professionalism of your business. That’s why we carefully go over every inch of all strata properties. Whether it’s window washing, waste removal or deep clean procedure, we are always highly detailed.

We always meet the WHS high standards that are in place to keep all work environments safe for their occupants.

Getting the best results requires hiring the best strata cleaning professionals. You’ll get exactly that when you decide to work with Storm International.

Once you reach out to us, we’ll first visit your premises to assess all your strata cleaning needs. Our vetted professionals will go through your premises and take notes of all the cleaning requirements. After that, they’ll head over to our Melbourne office and create a detailed plan.

We’ll send a free quote to you with all the costs. You’ll love our competitive prices.

  • How to Find a Good Strata Cleaning Company?

    Pay attention to a couple of essential aspects when you’re looking for a good strata cleaning company. Those are: Experience - Look for a company that has been in the cleaning industry for a long time. It shows that they were more than able to deliver outstanding cleaning services for their customers. Reach out to their previous and current clients to check whether they’re happy with their services. Staff professionalism - Only professionally trained staff can deliver excellent service quality for commercial cleaning services. Look for a company that invests heavily in cleaner training. Storm International puts a lot of emphasis on employee training, as it’s the only way to offer impeccable cleaning services across numerous industries. Equipment variety - Equipment empowers professional cleaners to finish more work for a shorter period without sacrificing the quality. Pricing - Reach out to the cleaning company to get a free quote. Compare the prices and see whether their offer is valuable. Storm International’s competitive price makes us the best strata cleaning company in Melbourne, among other qualities of our skilled staff. Reach out to Storm International to learn more about our strata cleaning services. You’ll immediately experience our professional approach that starts from the moment we answer the phone.

  • How Much Do Your Strata Cleaning Services Cost?

    Strata cleaning services vary significantly from one client to another. As we offer tailored services to our clients, we’ll have to first visit your premises before providing you with a free quote. Our vetted professionals will visit your premises and note all the cleaning requirements you have. We’ll also set a cleaning schedule that’ll ensure the continuous cleanliness of your premises. If necessary, we can also create a waste removal procedure for your business. Elements such as the size of the premises, the number of employees and the number of hours will affect the total cost of a particular service. To get an idea of Storm International strata cleaning services cost, reach out to us today.

The Beautiful Melbourne Australia

Melbourne is a highly prominent Australian and global city, known for being one of the livable places today. The city is also referred to as “the Sporting Capital of the World” and receives millions of tourists yearly besides the many that relocate there permanently.

Some of the leading attractions in this eclectic city include its incredible and irresistible coffee, the gratified laneways, its bayside location, and cultural diversity. Melbourne has everything for everyone, regardless of their unique personalities, hobbies, and preferences – rich and diverse cuisines, history and culture, nature, amazing beaches, and more.

Melbourne has few outstanding landmarks, as is the norm with many other global cities. The absence of these adequate significant landmarks makes it so hard for people unfamiliar with the city to understand it. So what makes this city as beautiful and special as it is before the world? What is it known for? Here are some of the attractions that make Melbourne special and beautiful before global eyes.

Flinders Street Station

It is one of the fewest landmarks in Melbourne. This oldest Australian railway station dates back to 1854. It began as a tiny wooden structure before transforming into the incredible icon that stands today – it was completed in 1910. It serves up to 100,000 moving people on a busy day, making it the busiest station in the Southern Hemisphere. It is popular for the phrase “meet me under the clocks,” meaning meeting someone at the front entrance characterized by the nine clocks that indicate the departure times for the main lines from the city centre.

St. Kilda Penguins

Most coastal cities in the Southern Hemisphere are characterized by Penguins, and Melbourne is no exception. The city hosts the St. Kilda Penguins, which are Little Penguins exclusively found in Australia and New Zealand.

As the name suggests, they are the smallest penguin species in existence, with the biggest colony occupying Phillip Island. However, the ones in Melbourne are the best for a view near the city – a visit at dusk is the best experience at the time when they are heading home for the night.

Brighton Beach

It is one of the most popular beaches in Victoria, with the best being the inner Melbourne Beach. The latter is characterized by multi-coloured beach huts making it an incredible scenery for tourists. The most affluent class goes out in search of the beach boxes – box 76b was sold for $337,000 in 2018.

It is a 2m³ shed with neither electricity nor running water. The boxes give a stunning view on all days, including the wet and cloudy ones, and each has a unique personality with different features on its front – space invaders, paint, and koalas, among others.

Melbourne is also known for its rich and uniquely made coffee – whose origin dates back to the migration wave from Italy to Greece after WWII. If you love shopping, the city boasts a range of markets selling fruits and veggies curios, and other general items.

On your Melbourne visit, other things to look out for include laneways, the MCG, globally diverse cuisines, Star and Docklands, Botanic Gardens, Albert Park, the Royal Exhibition Building, and Carlton Gardens. With all these attractions and the current state of the world, one thing remains crucial – the city remains clean no matter what it takes.

The Difference between Strata Cleaning Services and Regular Cleaning Services

Cleaning services can be classified as either regular or strata, depending on the specialty. Strata maintenance originated in Australia before quickly spreading to the rest of the world due to its convenience for clients and property managers.

It was developed to ensure effective maintenance of all the common and shared commercial spaces within the premises, from tech parks to industrial spaces that serve multiple businesses and malls with multiple retail outlets, hallways, gyms, lawns, entrances, elevators, and recreational spaces such as swimming pools.

The building authorities create a maintenance team dedicated to hiring the strata cleaning services and ensuring quality results.

The Importance of Strata Cleaning

One of the top reasons why you should be concerned about strata cleaning is to create a great first impression on your visitors – family, friends, customers, investors, and more. A clean environment goes beyond the great interior of your respective space. The building’s hygiene, including the surroundings, is crucial in creating the desired first impression.

What would a prospective client think of you after walking into your office via a hallway filled with cobwebs, a garden full of litter, and weeds, among other unappealing features? It is inevitably displeasing and can significantly compromise your corporate image. Strata cleaning services in Melbourne seek to offer the best solution to this problem.

What Does Strata Cleaning Cover?

Strata cleaning entails a range of cleaning services for the common and shared spaces as outlined below:

  • Mopping, sweeping, dusting, and vacuuming the hard surfaces
  • Buffing of hard surfaces, trash removal and disposal, floor litter pickups, and changing of liners
  • Car park cleaning and coverage, including grease and oil removal from surfaces
  • Disinfection of common kitchens and outdoor area sanitization
  • Door and window cleaning
  • Lawn and swimming pool maintenance and restoration
  • Cleaning, thorough disinfection, and sanitization of common restrooms
  • Maintenance of steps, elevators, and walkways
  • Steam cleaning of entrance areas-carpets

Regular Cleaning

Regular cleaning entails the cleaning services for individual spaces, from homes and their surroundings to office spaces. Aside from being exclusively designed for individual property owners and users, regular cleaning is similar to strata cleaning. You will find the following services:

  • Door and window cleaning
  • Office cleaning
  • Carpet steam cleaning
  • Maintenance services
  • Emergency cleaning
  • Home Gym cleaning
  • Hard floor cleaning
  • Lift cleaning
  • Garage cleaning
  • Disinfection
  • Sanitization
  • Trash / Waste removal
  • Floor sweeping
  • High-pressure cleaning

You should always consider professionals if you are looking for strata cleaning services in Melbourne. They are adequately trained and experienced in the cleaning sector and equipped with the necessary tools to ensure exemplary results. By hiring them, you enjoy great convenience besides saving lots of money – which you would have paid for permanent cleaners and purchasing cleaning tools and supplies.

The selected cleaning company should meet all the set safety and insurance standards, have quality cleaning equipment of various types, have a great experience in the industry, and have a comprehensive understanding of the relevant protocols. Besides, the cleaner should also have an eco-consideration in their line of duty, fall within your budget without compromising the quality of results, and provide a portfolio of their previous work.

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