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Storm International provides professional Strata cleaning services to the best clients in various industries. With 40 years of hands-on experience, we’re able to meet all clients’ cleaning needs. We take a lot of pride in our professionally driven staff, who consistently deliver the best.

Storm International is in Sydney, NSW, ACT, WA, TAS, VIC, QLD, and NT. Our extensive network of offices enables us to service clients in all parts of Australia. You can reach out to us, and we’ll quickly visit your strata property.

Our most important goal is to provide impeccable services to our clients. We let our results speak of our success. After all, it’s what has allowed us to grow year over year for four decades now.


So many cleaning solutions today work well but are harsh on the environment. Cleaning chemicals can have a huge impact on the environment, and not in a positive way. As a cleaning company, we are aware of how cleaning can impact the environment, and how to minimize these negative impacts on the environment. We take environmentally sustainable cleaning precautions which include the use of eco-friendly cleaning chemicals wherever possible which do not compromise on cleanliness standards and quality.

High Standard Professional Cleaning Company
We are a professional cleaning company with a focus on going above and beyond what you might expect when you have the office cleaned, so you have nothing to worry about and will know the job is done right. Whether you’re looking for daily cleaning to keep the office in good shape or regular services to deep clean areas that need it, our professional cleaners are ready and able to handle the task and make sure it’s done right.


Storm International offers a broad range of strata cleaning services. We use modern cleaning equipment to clean various surfaces on your premises. We’re going to do:

  • Carpet cleaning
  • Window cleaning
  • Mopping
  • Strata maintenance
  • Vacuuming
  • Deep cleaning
  • Office cleaning
  • Clean hard surfaces
  • Handrail cleaning
  • Upholstery cleaning
  • Steam cleaning
  • Sweep your premises
  • Perform floor scrubbing
  • Provide sanitary cleaning services
  • Streamline waste management
  • Organise building management

Our professional strata cleaners will keep every inch of your common areas spotless. That applies to any kind of area such as a hallway, an elevator, a car park, or a gym. We rely on our professional equipment and employee expertise to deliver a full range of strata cleaning services.

Please reach out to us to get a free quote. We’ll happily visit your strata property to evaluate what’s the best approach for cleaning your space.



Storm International is a popular choice for strata cleaning due to our excellent value for money. We’re not just another cleaning business looking for a way to charge premium prices for mediocre services.

We take a lot of pride in being able to deliver premium results for an affordable price. You’ll find all our commercial cleaning services come with reasonable pricing.

Why Choose Storm International for Strata Cleaning Services?

Opting for Storm International means that you’re supporting a 100% family-owned Australian business. The core value of our company is professional excellence, and we keep perfecting our processes to remain the best option on the market.

Storm International takes a professional approach to every cleaning service it delivers. We’re continuously educating our professional cleaners. We use the knowledge to provide outstanding results and keep your premises clean at all times. From the moment you contact us, our team of consultants visits your premises for inspection. We use that to prepare the most optimal strategy for cleaning your space. We know that all our clients have different cleaning needs. Therefore, we tailor every cleaning service to fit additional client requirements. The premises we clean are going to meet all the WHS standards. We enjoy creating spaces that are healthy and ready for welcoming any potential clients to your business. Your commercial premises are the physical representation of your business. Our goal is to make it shine repeatedly.

We deploy professional cleaning equipment for your premises. We move fast without sacrificing the quality of our service. Thanks to our cleaning machinery and effective cleaning products, we get to move fast and keep your strata property spotless. Storm International doesn’t want to interfere with your business operations. It’s why we get in with quiet machines to clean your property without affecting your working atmosphere. We know that time equals money, and you’ll see us get everything clean in record time.

We want our clients to be at ease when they’re working with us. That’s why we ensure that all our strata cleaning services are reliable. Storm International makes correct estimates and gets the job done by the determined deadline. Our professional strata cleaning staff always arrives on time, without any exception. If we create a schedule for strata cleaning on a regular basis, we’ll completely commit to deliver as promised. Aside from never running late, we always deliver quality services. We can achieve those results due to our expert staff who perform quality checks before leaving your property.

While our cleaning products remove all stains effectively, we still opt for eco-friendly solutions. We want to keep the environment safe, and we use the products that align with our mission.

Our mission is not to just enter your premises, get the job done and move forward. We want to provide value to your business by keeping it healthy for your employees and your customers. Plus, we price our strata cleaning services, so you get the best value for money when working with us.


There are several important reasons why every business needs to think of whether their common areas are clean. 

  • First impressions – Leaving great impressions on potential clients is essential. Leading them through poorly maintained common areas is not the way to do it. Our cleaning company will help you keep your strata property clean.
  • Health – Every workplace needs to meet WHS cleaning standards. That means your building, office, and common areas are healthy for your employees. Professional teams such as Storm International help you meet those standards.
  • Proper maintenance – Professional strata maintenance means that your space is getting the correct care. On-site experts know which emergency light bulbs need replacing and the best cleaning product for different materials. Following bad practices leads to poor facility maintenance and possible damage.


How Much Does Strata Cleaning in Sydney Cost?

Strata cleaning costs vary from one client to another. Our cleaning company sends experts in the field to analyse your premises. After collecting all the relevant information, we proceed with making a free quote for you.


You can then see strata cleaning costs for your property.

Professional strata cleaning covers all the common areas on your premises. That includes a broad range of cleaning services, including sweeping, scrubbing, mopping, wiping, disinfection, cobwebs removal, high-pressure cleaning or any other cleaning service you might need. Please reach out to learn about all the details.

Identify the perfect strata cleaning company by analysing the following. Company experience - Companies with more experience have perfected their processes. Company staff - Is the staff professional and ready to deal with cleaning all types of commercial spaces? Previous clients experiences - What do previous clients say about the cleaning company? Equipment quality - Does the company deploy modern cleaning equipment for best results? Pricing - Are the strata cleaning services affordable? You’ll find that Storm International meets all the criteria. We look forward to hearing from you!

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