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What Businesses Need Cleaning Contracts in Adelaide?

What Businesses Need Cleaning Contracts in Adelaide?

If you are in the cleaning industry, you might believe that every business needs cleaning services. But, if you start marketing your services, you will notice that some companies require cleaning services more than others. Although it would be good to clean the entire Adelaide city, it’s best if you focus on the business that most needs to outsource cleaning services. After establishing a base for the industries that need your services, other industries that require your services will follow. If you focus on growing your cleaning business with clients more likely to require cleaning services, more businesses will start coming in through references and brand recognition. So, here is a list of the businesses that need commercial cleaning in Adelaide.


You are probably thinking, I already knew about schools. But what is on your mind is public schools from kindergarten through high school. That’s a good start, but you need to think deeper. You need to think about the education system as a whole. If you start thinking deeply, you realize there is a lot more than you had imagined. Think of preschools, daycares, after-school care facilities, colleges, tutoring organizations, private schools, boarding schools, trade schools, and more. And there are plenty of these educational facilities in Adelaide. Think outside the box and strategize more on how you can tap into the untouched market that needs your cleaning services.

Health Care Industry

The healthcare industry is always in need of cleaning services. They cannot do their job without a sterile and clean environment, so there are a lot of untapped markets in this industry. Again, don’t limit yourself to hospitals and general physicians. There is much more to explore in Adelaide. Connect with dentists, chiropractors, physical therapists, nutritionists, urgent care facilities, dermatologists, medical office buildings or complexes, and healthcare clinics such as – rehab, blood banks, dialysis, sports medicine, and hospice homes. Similarly, don’t write off sports or gym facilities. They are also part of the health industry and need commercial cleaning services.


Restaurants include everything from fast food to five-star hotels. This is another industry that needs cleaning contracts because their cleaning needs to be top-notch for their business to thrive. It is easier to win a contract when the potential client considers cleaning services a necessity for survival. Check with the local health department for updated information about food production facilities. Showing this knowledge will make you stand out and prove your competence. Some food facilities that might not cross your mind are local candy stores, bakeries, cheese shops, butchers, concession stands, and more. Adelaide is such a big city with plenty of restaurants you can’t fail to get one or two restaurants in need of your cleaning services.


The hospitality industry is more than just hotels. When thinking of hospitality, think of theme parks or game centres, casinos, local event centres, large clubs or bars, movie theatres, airports, and more. The hospitality industry includes any business where people spend their leisure time or extra money. Therefore, this means these businesses need to keep their facilities as clean as possible because people willingly spend their free time and money there. These people can easily find a replacement if their standards are not met. The hospitality industry in Adelaide is big because it’s a tourist destination. Thus, it is a big industry in need of commercial cleaning contracts in Adelaide.

Office Buildings

Well, I’m sure office buildings are the first thing that to your came to mind when you hear of cleaning contracts. Office buildings are easily the businesses that require cleaning contracts to make sure they are easily maintained. The possibilities are endless, starting from banks, tech, law, insurance agencies, financial, marketing, and sales. There are also little guys like retail, nail salons, dry cleaners, and even coffee shops or sandwich places located in the building. These small businesses could connect you with other companies in the building or the owner of their office building. This is an area to look into.

Government Buildings

Government buildings need cleaning contracts regularly. Many cleaning companies don’t sell their services to the government because there can be some red tape. But once you secure one government contract, it can pay you handsomely. There are several departments within the government sector, which means there are also many contracts to be handed out. There must be some government buildings in need of a commercial cleaning service in Adelaide.


I’m sure a warehouse is not something that might have popped up in your mind when you thought of a cleaning contract. On the contrary, however, warehouses hold various valuable and sensitive goods. Thus, they require regular cleaning. Workers from your cleaning company can clean a warehouse every day and cover different sections of the warehouse. Cleaning a warehouse can also be a great way to train your staff on how to go about big jobs. There must be some warehouses in Adelaide that require some cleaning contracts.

Car Dealerships

Car dealerships are one of the most overlooked businesses looking for cleaning services. The cars they are trying to sell need to look clean and brand new. Their showroom and sales offices also need to make the potential buyers comfortable and confident in the dealership. With this information, it cannot be very hard to convince a dealership in Adelaide that they require a cleaning contract.

In conclusion, these are some of the businesses in need of cleaning contracts in Adelaide. As you can see, Adelaide has a big market to explore for your cleaning business. Almost all these businesses require their premises to be kept tidy. Here at Storm International, we pride ourselves on providing cleaning services to our clients for 40 years. We offer all types of commercial cleaning services and cut across all industries. Our staff is specifically trained to handle each niche business. Thus, if you are looking for a commercial cleaning company in Adelaide, look no further than Storm International. We will be happy to partner with you!

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