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A Complete Guide to Keeping your Office Clean

A Complete Guide to Keeping your Office Clean

Besides your home, the office is where you spend a big part of your day. Keeping it clean and clutter-free will not only promote your mental and physical well-being but also give a push to your productivity. A clean and organized office also sends out a positive message about your company. A presentable office space demonstrates the professionalism and positive attitude of the company’s management and staff. So, whether you take steps to maintain a clean office or hire professional office cleaning services for a deep clean every now and then, a clean and sanitary work environment will bring you a lot of good.

So, it’s time you learn how to keep your office clean and maintain a healthy work environment that is not only free of any clutter but also germs and pests. Follow this guide to maintain a clean office and improve your employees’ mood, performance, and productivity.

De-Clutter Desks

Office cleaning should start right from your office desk. We have all heard this many times, tidy space, tidy mind. Yes, that’s true; and it should be your source of motivation for creating a clean and tidy office space. Simply clearing any clutter off your desk will set your mind free, unleashing your creative and productive side. This relief alone will help you think in the right direction and effortlessly prioritize your workload for the day and beyond. Make it a standard and part of your everyday routine, and ask your team to follow the norm.

Clean and Disinfect The Entire Office Equipment

The equipment in your office – like a mouse, keyboards, printers, etc. – is used more frequently than anything else. You and your colleagues use them regularly throughout the day to perform daily tasks, so it is important to clean them often too. Using your equipment frequently also harbours bacteria and germs that can spread easily upon contact. If you don’t clean and disinfect your equipment regularly, you and your employees will be more likely to get sick, reducing overall productivity. It shouldn’t be an arduous job, though, as simple sanitising wipes can help disinfect your equipment and keep everything clean. However, deep cleaning every now and then is recommended.

Clean The Carpets

If you have carpets on your office floors, they’re probably the biggest dirt accumulator. Carpets and rugs are usually made from microfiber fabric and can easily trap a lot of germs and debris within them. In addition, accidentally spilled fluids can also stain your carpets and make them an eyesore. While professional office cleaning services can help you get rid of those stubborn stains, regularly vacuuming the carpets will maintain them clean, tidy, and dust-free.

Clean Your Office Floors

The importance of cleaning your office floors, especially in high-traffic areas, can’t be stressed more. When left unclean, the flooring can accumulate dust and harbor bacteria and other germs. Just like carpets, any potential spillages on the floors will leave your office space dirty, uninviting, and the breeding ground for bacteria. Deep clean with bleach to effectively get rid of the contaminants.

Disinfect and Sanitise

You can’t expect to work from an unhealthy office space and achieve great results. When bacteria and germs accumulate in your office, the illnesses become widespread, and the overall efficiency of your team will come down. It is, therefore, important to disinfect and sanitise spaces and surfaces that are the breeding ground for bacteria and germs. Disinfect all surfaces that are likely to accumulate and spread germs, including desks, keyboards, computer screens, printers, chair handles, pantry stoves, etc., every day. Also, encourage your team to use hand sanitisers and ensure they are available at several checkpoints throughout the office.

Tidy Up Any Shared Spaces In Your Office

You must also tidy up all common areas and spaces shared among your employees. These are the areas that accumulate the most bacteria and dirt. The kitchen, toilets, and other high-traffic areas should be cleaned daily using an antibacterial cleanser or bleach. If left unattended, they won’t just spread illnesses to your office staff but also to others who might visit your office or get in contact with your peers once they leave the office. Keeping these common areas clean and tidy will also keep your employees feeling good about themselves and their workplace, improving their efficiency and bringing great results to your organisation.

Empty Dustbins Frequently

Dustbins collect all the waste from the start of the day. They can fill up quickly with shredded documents, torn papers, discarded food, and whatnot. If you don’t empty them regularly, they’ll be overfilled and soon spread foul odours throughout your office. You can easily avoid that by emptying them more frequently and ensuring they don’t get full.

Hire The Best Office Cleaning Services

Your office needs a thorough, deep clean every now and then to take care of areas that are often ignored or don’t receive a good clean in routine. Deep cleaning the entire office will revamp the space and create a refreshing atmosphere. Your cleaning staff might be doing a good job, but you should better hire professional office cleaning services for thorough cleaning of the entire office space. They have the right tools and expertise to clean every nook and corner of your office and make it a professionally-maintained space. You can even hire them for your regular cleaning needs and keep your office looking great at all times.

Keeping your office clean will make you and your colleagues feel good about the workplace and help improve your overall efficiency. It will also speak a million words about your professionalism and how seriously you take your work, leaving a great impression on your customers. However, you need to ensure you employ the best cleaning services to do a thorough cleaning job.

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