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10 Ways a Clean Office Improves Productivity

10 Ways a Clean Office Improves Productivity

Efficiency, profitability, and productivity are the basis of a good business foundation. Supervisors are always on the lookout for how to improve their employees’ productivity. According to research, there is a direct correlation between having a clean office and employee productivity.

Before we go into the details of having a clean office, let us define the types of clutter:

  1. Unnecessary things on your desk. These are sticky notes, toiletries, and other personal things.
  2. Documents that you no longer need. Look at the books and papers on your desk. If you don’t have an immediate need for it, get rid of it.
  3. Unfinished projects. If there are projects that will not be done anytime soon, then put them away in an unfinished box for a while.
  4. Sentimental clutter. These are items that employees have on their desks for personal motivation. If they occupy too much space, then they become a distraction.
  5. Potentially useful stuff. Keep past projects and documents in separate storage. You may refer to them in the future.
  6. Stocked items. Pens, paper, and other office supplies should be stored in a separate supply station.
  7. Recreational items. Board games should be placed in a common area designed purely for employee engagement.
  8. Emergency clutter. All emergency items like medicine should be stored in the company clinic.

Accumulating different things in an office space after some time is unavoidable. If your office is experiencing this setup, it’s time for a major cleanup.

Here are 10 ways a clean office improves productivity:

1. Employees become healthier. Unclean office hubs house viruses that can cause illnesses like COVID and the flu. Employees who are sick will be absent from work, which lowers their productivity. Hiring an office cleaning company is imperative in maintaining a healthy environment. A report by PricewaterhouseCoopers requested by Medibank Health revealed that absenteeism costs the Australian economy $7 billion each year.

The average desk houses over 10 million types of bacteria. This means that it is 400 times dirtier than a toilet seat. Unclean desks equate to 2/3 of your employees at risk of being sick. Sanitising desks before and after shifts prevents the spread of bacteria.

2. Stress reduction. According to a Harvard study, a cluttered work environment affects an employee’s mental health, lowering productivity. Working in a messy office space distracts them from work. Commercial office cleaning reduces stress and increases focus on what needs to be done. Stressed employees are prone to depression, fatigue, insomnia, and drug abuse. Think about Marie Kondo’s question – “Does it spark joy?” while decluttering. Positive energy will flow when choosing essential things to keep.

3. Time saver. Wasted time is reduced when an office is tidy. A clean desk presents all items at hand. An employee can easily find documents needed to complete a task, for example. Search time reduction improves productivity. You will always know where to look for tools if the workplace is organized. Decluttering simplifies processes.

4. Boosted morale. A clean workspace contributes to the happiness of an employee. A happy employee is more productive than those who dislike their work. An average employee spends at least eight hours in the office. They should be comfortable while performing their duties. They are your representation of your business. They talk about working with their families and share your products on their social media pages. If they are dissatisfied in the office, then they will not be motivated to participate in sharing their experiences in the workplace.

5. Improves concentration. A study by Princeton University states that clutter makes it harder for employees to concentrate on specific tasks. The visual cortex is easily affected by irrelevant objects, making it difficult to concentrate and complete tasks efficiently. A clear desk removes distractions and improves productivity by being able to concentrate on the tasks required. This is a classic example of the saying “out of sight, out of mind.”

6. Minimise injuries. Injuries can also be prevented by having a clean workplace. Wiping off the slippery waste and removing unused boxes on your floor will prevent employees from slipping and tripping.

7. Exemplifies professionalism. First impressions are crucial in businesses. When clients see a well-organised and clean office, they will be likely to do business with you. It shows that you can attend to their needs on time and efficiently. A tidy work environment is welcoming to potential clients. It shows attention to detail. A clean office displays the company’s values.

In the current pandemic situation, it is important to be transparent about your company’s cleanliness and sanitation policies, so customers feel that they are safe and protected. Informing them about your commercial office cleaning process implies that you have good management and efficient services.

8. Brand elevation. A clean workplace equates to quality products and services. A customer will judge your brand by how your office looks and feels. It doesn’t matter what type of product or service you are offering.

9. Tools and equipment safety. Office equipment like printers, computers, electronics, and copiers are prone to dust, affecting their performance. Constant cleaning of these assets ensures a longer service life. Your employees need this equipment to perform their duties.

In a study, it was found that high bacterial counts can be found on the following surfaces:

  • Elevator buttons
  • Office telephones
  • Water fountains
  • Keyboards
  • Vending machine buttons
  • Mouses
  • Sink faucet handles
  • Microwave door handles
  • Refrigerator door handles

10. Shows that you care. Employees who see cleaning services busy tidying up the office will feel that management cares for them. It makes them feel valued, which contributes to productivity. Feeling valued leads to increased performance and lower attrition.

Your workspace should be clean at all times to ensure high employee productivity. The office is the second home of your employees, so it should be pleasing to be in. You can source an office cleaning company like Storm International. Get in touch with us today.

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