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How often does your office need to be cleaned?

How often does your office need to be cleaned?

This is the kind of question that stumps most people. But what’s even more difficult to work out is what determines the frequency of cleaning required for your office?
Is it the size of your building?
Is it the size of your floor space?
Is it how often, or how long, your office is open?
Is it determined by how often clients visit your premises?
Some companies will ask you a series of questions, or ask you to fill out a qualifying form that determines the right plan for you.
At Storm we have crafted one of the most efficient ways in which to determine the frequency of cleaning your office needs. How? With over 30 years? experience within the professional cleaning services industry, our programs are heavily influenced by health and safety protocols. This means we will provide you with a cleaning program aimed at maximising these elements. So, what is the ONE question that determines how often your office should be cleaned?

How many people work in your office?

If you answered 0 to 15 people, your office should be cleaned two times a week. With Storm International, this would include:

  • Once a week dusting
  • Restock consumables twice a week
  • Kitchen twice a week
  • Toilets twice a week

If you answered 15 to 30 people, your office should be cleaned 3 times a week. With Storm International this includes:

  • Once a week dusting
  • Restock consumables 3-4 times a week
  • Clean the kitchen three times a week
  • Toilets x3 a week

If your office has over 30 people, your office needs cleaning every day. If you use Storm International, this includes:

  • Once a week dusting
  • Restock consumables every day
  • Clean kitchen every day
  • Clean toilets every day



  • Regardless of amount of people, ANY site which has kids needs daily cleaning. Toilets, floors, kitchens, etc should be done every day if there are children on the premises.


  • Using the machine to sweep the halls ONCE a week is more effective than mopping the floors every day.


  • For rotation desks (different person sitting there every day) each desk should have antibacterial wipes/spray at all times and cleaned by the cleaners on a fortnightly basis.


  • For single use desks, keyboards, and phones/headsets should be cleaned on a monthly basis to kill germs


  • Polishing the floors on a 6-monthly basis will save you from having to strip and reseal the floors once a year.
  • Steam cleaning of the carpets should be done 6 monthly instead of annually to avoid smells, bacteria, dust & permanent stains.
  • Internal windows should be cleaned on a 6-monthly basis.

Storm International’s cleaning services are of the highest quality, ensuring that you not only provide a clean and healthy environment for your employees, but also leave a lasting impression on clients and prospective employees. Our consultants are happy to come to your place of business to discuss your needs and how we can help.

To book a consultation, please feel free to contact us on 1300 361 325, or fill out our Online Enquiry Form and we will respond to you as soon as possible with a date and time.

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