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Office Recycling Tips

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Whether you’re looking to cut costs in your business or just playing your role in saving an ailing planet, your first thought is to recycle in the office. However, while most businesses are wasteful, not many are aware of the simple tricks they can use to recycle and save resources. If done correctly, effective waste […]

The importance of pre-cleaning your new offfice


Once a new building’s construction has been completed, businesses are keen to move into their new space and it’s not long before the moving trucks begin to arrive, and the office furniture is put into place, desks are set up and the IT equipment is installed. However, before any furniture is put in or IT […]

When cleaning goes next level


When it comes to cleaning, the longer it is left the bigger impact it can have on someone’s health. But what happens when what needs to be cleaned up poses an immediate threat to the public’s health? In some cases, there are cleaning jobs that are categorised as ’emergencies’, which are not your standard ‘I’ve […]

Post-build cleaning


Whether it’s an office block, warehouse or commercial premises, if you have had any renovations or construction on site, it’s always best to have a thorough clean before and after moving in to make sure your business not only looks its best, but is also a healthy environment to work in. After the dust has […]

How often does your office need to be cleaned?


This is the kind of question that stumps most people. But what’s even more difficult to work out is what determines the frequency of cleaning required for your office? Is it the size of your building? Is it the size of your floor space? Is it how often, or how long, your office is open? […]

How to Clean Concrete Floors


Contrary to popular opinion, cleaning a concrete floor and especially one with stains requires a meticulous and strategic approach. When cleaning, you need to understand how the different cleaning agents and equipment interact with the concrete so you don’t use products that will erode the surface. While most people prefer to use a commercial cleaner for […]

Warehouse Cleaning


Unclean and dirty warehouses are not only uncomfortable to work in but they drastically increase the chances of an accident happening. Puddles of water, oil and grease spills and even dirt taking a ride on the wheels of the vehicles coming into the house are the perfect recipe for disaster. At Storm International, we specialize […]

Office Cleaning Services Sydney


A clean office can save you money an work hours. However, to realize these and other benefits, you need a reliable office cleaner to take care of the dirt as you take care of the business. At Storm International, we can offer you reliable, quality and affordable office cleaning services tailored to meet your needs. […]

What is Waste Management?


Commercial and residential spaces produce different types of waste. Proper handling, disposal or conversation of the waste is essential to guarantee a clean, safe and healthy environment. Managing waste involves collecting, transporting and disposing of garbage, sewage, and other waste materials. This encompasses the management of procedures and resources used in taking care of waste; […]

Commercial Office Cleaning Checklist


Every commercial office cleaning service knows the job is not only about dusting the surfaces and keeping the floors clean. Keeping an office sparkling clean and in the best condition requires time and a rigorous cleaning procedure that ensures no nooks or crannies are forgotten. To keep track of the cleaning schedule and ensure no […]

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