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When cleaning goes next level

When cleaning goes next level

When it comes to cleaning, the longer it is left the bigger impact it can have on someone’s health. But what happens when what needs to be cleaned up poses an immediate threat to the public’s health?

In some cases, there are cleaning jobs that are categorised as ’emergencies’, which are not your standard ‘I’ve had a party and the parents are coming home tomorrow’ cleaning emergency.

The kind of emergency we are referring are like the one above where there may have been a tragedy, an environmental spill, an accident or even a broken sewer pipe. In these situations it is going to require more than gloves, a mop and bucket, and some disinfectant to clean it up.

In situations where there is blood, vomit, or any type of bodily fluid or excretion, there is a strict process that needs to be followed in order to ensure reduced exposure to infectious waste or material.

Therefore, you need a specially trained team to be able to manage and contain such scenes. The kind who will reduce the possibility of harm through the proper disposal of hazardous waste, while also being able to sanitise the area, and therefore reducing the chance of infection at a later time.

Storm International has specialised teams that are fully trained and qualified to be able manage biohazard clean-ups, as well as using spill kits to provide the most professional service possible, with the correct level of respect.

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