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Warehouse Cleaning

Warehouse Cleaning

Unclean and dirty warehouses are not only uncomfortable to work in but they drastically increase the chances of an accident happening. Puddles of water, oil and grease spills and even dirt taking a ride on the wheels of the vehicles coming into the house are the perfect recipe for disaster.

At Storm International, we specialize in warehouse cleaning services and we have many years of experience. Our warehouse cleaning services are tailored to meet the needs of our clients and their organizations. We consider the frequency and circumstances of every organization and ensure that we work during low traffic times and integrate our cleaning schedules to your shift pattern to cause the least possible disruption to your operations.

Our warehouse cleaning services include:


  • Floor cleaning
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Chemical degreasing
  • HVAC duct cleaning
  • Pressure washing
  • Walls, shelves, ceiling, and vents cleaning
  • Ride-on or walk-behind auto scrubbing among others

Why You Should Hire a Warehouse Cleaning Service

Outsourcing the cleaning of your warehouse has plenty of benefits. These include;

  • It is cost friendly we offer affordable and competitive pricing for our warehouse cleaning services. Additionally, we bring our own equipment and cleaning products which save you the trouble of having to continuously buy the products or the expensive cleaning equipment that we have invested in over the years.
  • It is time efficient our cleaning crews work during low traffic times and we ensure that you don’t lose time waiting for messes to be cleaned up. You can also better concentrate your time on running the warehouse successfully as opposed to supervising an in-house cleaning team. Because we work during low traffic time, no time is lost to inconveniences experienced during cleaning.
  • Better results we have invested heavily in our team to ensure they have all the skills and information they need to tackle the different challenges involved in keeping a warehouse clean. With our knowledge and experience, you are assured of better quality results with the warehouse cleaning service.


Warehouse Cleaning | Storm International

Why Choose Us?

At Storm International, we believe in leaving your warehouse spotless and an excellent customer experience for our clients. Here is why you might want to consider our warehouse cleaning services.

Trained industrial crews

Cleaning a warehouse requires a proper understanding of the safety regulations and functioning of the warehouse. To minimize chances of injury to our cleaning crews and your employees, our teams are well trained on how to work in an industrial setting.

The crews are also trained on how to handle different situations like chemical spills, grease and oil spills and others and how to safely handle the spills and clean them up. We understand the technical knowledge required to handle the work of keeping a warehouse clean and we make sure that our cleaning crew has all the necessary information to keep up with the safety standards while keeping your warehouse clean.

We adhere to the WHS standards

We not only offer warehouse cleaning services but we do so in strict adherence to the Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) standards. By adhering to the laws and regulations of WHS, we ensure that your employees and clients are safe even during the cleaning processes while mitigating the risks associated with cleaning and ensuring that you don’t have risk any unnecessary liabilities.

Zero disruptions to operations and production

We take your business seriously and we understand how valuable efficiency is. We work tirelessly to make sure your warehouse is clean without causing disruptions to your operations. We always sync our cleaning schedules to your operation times so we can do the cleaning when there is the least traffic. This way, we work quickly and efficiently and get the warehouse ready for your peak hours. For clients using our regular cleaning services, we make sure spills are addressed immediately to avoid accidents.

We offer process-driven solutions

We know that your business is growing and we always want to be able to provide you with the best cleaning service. Our processes are tailored to grow with your business and match your increasing needs. Our unique approach to providing quality services ensures that our clients have a cleaning partner who understands your needs and is responsive to them.

A wide range of cleaning services

With Storm International, you will have a warehouse cleaning partner that will cater to all your cleaning needs. Whether you’re looking for one-time cleaning or a regular cleaner we will offer you customized cleaning packages that will match your needs. With our warehouse cleaning services, you don’t have to worry about finding a different cleaner for the different cleaning needs.

Quality Assurance

We guarantee that our cleaning crew will keep up with the high standards of delivery that we have set for ourselves. We have regular checks to ensure that our clients enjoy consistent quality with our warehouse cleaning services. In case our clients have concerns or areas of concern, we are very responsive and proactive in addressing the feedback and making sure we provide better service.


How it works!

Warehouse Cleaning | Storm International

We understand you have a business to run and we keep things simple and straightforward.


We have a customer support that is always available and ready to address any questions and concerns you might have. You can reach out to us on various avenues which include by phone, mail or fax. Regardless of which platform you choose to get in touch with us, you will get assisted promptly and warmly by our trained customer care representatives.

Book your preferred services

Our customer care representatives will take you through the different warehouse cleaning services we offer at Storm International and help you come up with a customized package that will address the needs of your warehouse.

After a quick survey, we will send you an invoice depending on the package. Our prices are competitive and affordable and we can also help you securely process the payments electronically.

Wait for our team

Once you have booked and paid for the service, our cleaning crew will show up on time and as agreed and we will work to make sure that you’re happy with the results of our services.

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