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Can I Use NDIS Funding for Cleaning and Gardening?

Can I Use NDIS Funding for Cleaning and Gardening?

Most people have been left with the question of whether the NDIS fund can help them out with cleaning and gardening. The short answer to this question is YES. The NDIS has the power to provide the needed funding for cleaning and gardening, as well as other forms of maintenance. However, in this case, the catch is that the services provided should be related to your disability. For instance, NDIS cleaning services will hire a gardener for you if your disability prevents you from gardening.

Even so, most people have yet to fully understand what the NDIS Fund is and how it works.


  • NDIS only funds persons living with disabilities who are unable to perform household activities on their own.
  • NDIS only cares for the less-able population. Therefore, those sharing residences with physically able people will not entirely benefit from the NDIS services. This is because they have the potential to perform household chores.
  • Those assisting with household chores should ensure that they file their invoices following the stipulated NDIS rules or risk not receiving their payment.
  • Before any work is done, ensure the necessary agreements are completed to avoid any misunderstandings later.

What is NDIS Fund?

As opposed to what most have been pushed to think, the NDIS fund is a rather straightforward process. This fund is responsible for funding the cleaning services of people with disabilities. The NDIS plans are usually different for each participant, depending on their disability.

For instance, disabled community members who cannot mow their own loans can receive help from the NDIS and hire a gardener through their NDIS funds. It should be noted, however, that there are no specific criteria by which these funds are allocated. NDIS holds the right to determine if you are to benefit from these plans.

What can the NDIS fund do and not do?

Several services can be funded by the NDIS, including cleaning the home, gardening, and vacuuming as well as cleaning. Tasks that will require the presence of a professional, such as electrical installations, are not covered by NDIS. You should know that these funds do not apply to everyone.

There are several reasonable criteria to follow to benefit those with disabilities and unable to perform these activities on their own. For instance, a disabled individual sharing a home with other physically able persons may take advantage of their NDIS funds and request a cleaner.

However, the cleaner will only be allowed to clean the room allocated for the disabled person, as the remaining residents will clean the rest of the house. Generally, it has been determined that caregivers to disabled persons should take it upon themselves to hire specialists for services that the NDIS will not cover.

Should all cleaners be registered with NDIS?

Currently, most cleaning businesses are yet to register with NDIS, and a good number may not know how NDIS works. The NDIS requires that its services be offered by businesses that have been registered. However, NDIS beneficiaries can still access services from unregistered cleaning businesses if their funds are either self-managed or plan-managed. Those who are NDIA-managed will be required to locate a provider already registered with NDIS.

What to keep in mind when hiring a cleaner

You should keep in mind several things when hiring workers for cleaning services NDIS provides. First, you will be required to make a service agreement. This agreement plays the role of protecting the beneficiary against any misunderstanding that may arise later. Most agreements are binding and written down and can be easily found. The agreement should state the form of service being offered and the expected completion dates.

The next step is to create a payment agreement. The NDIS uses the hourly pricing system, so both the beneficiary and the cleaning vendor must agree before the work begins.

If the work begins and you don’t agree on the price, you will be required to pay the cleaner full price as stated by the NDIS. Notably, the NDIS only pays for work done within the hourly period; any other expenses aside from the hourly rate will be paid separately by the beneficiary’s pocket, as it was not included in the agreement.

Finally, you should use the NDIS guide whenever filing for payments. Cleaning services are required to follow the requirements of the NDIS when filing for payments to avoid any issues regarding payments. The final invoice should include the number of hours they worked and any incidental costs they may have incurred. These costs should be included in the hourly rate, or else payment will not be made. The NDIS controls the hourly rate, and cleaners should follow the price guide.

NOTE: When looking for someone to assist you with NDIS cleaning in Adelaide, ensure they have an Australian Business Number (ABN). This is among the requirements of NDIS that will allow you to use your funding to pay for their services.

What are professional NDIS cleaning services?

The NDIS deals mostly with services that are related to the home. Here is a list of the tasks you will benefit from using the NDIS fund.

  • Home cleaning (including fridge, oven, garage)
  • Kitchen cleaning
  • Bathroom cleaning
  • Dusting
  • Washing and ironing

However, several other services have not been listed, even though they can be performed. In that case, if you wish to get service through the NDIS and you are not sure of the service, the best way is to give them a call or visit their website.

The NDIS is a fairly new concept that most people still struggle to understand. If you are a disabled person and you would like to find assistance in caring for your home through services such as cleaning and gardening, the NDIS fund is a good place to start. However, you should note that the services offered by NDIS are non-professional, and those seeking professional services will have to outsource and pay these professionals.

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