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5 Simple Office Cleanup Tips to Keep Staff & Employees Happy

5 Simple Office Cleanup Tips to Keep Staff & Employees Happy

The office environment needs to be sanitary for both employees and clients. A workplace hygiene policy is one of the best ways to ensure that employees maintain a spotless workplace. Workplace hygiene contributes to a healthy workforce. A healthy workforce means employees are happy and more productive, which in turn means they will take fewer sick leaves.

According to research, the average desk contains more than 10 million bacteria, 400 times more germs than the usual toilet seat. Currently, with COVID-19 still a pervasive threat, we must maintain strict cleaning standards wherever we can, especially when we’re at our desks for a large portion of the day.

Certain industries have risks that need additional protection, but here are some simple office cleanup tips to keep employees happy.

Set Rules For Bathroom/Cafeteria Decorum

The lunchroom and washroom are communal spaces that get the most foot traffic in an office. Messy food can easily turn into chaos. Post signs in the pantry to Clean as You Go (CLAYGO) to remind employees to clean up after themselves. Frequent cleaning of utensils and kitchen equipment is a must.

Do not allow food on individual desks. Discourage eating on tables by asking people to eat in your office pantry or cafeteria. There will be fewer chances of food wrappers being left on tables and individual waste baskets. Spilled drinks on documents will also be avoided. Implement a no-eating zone in cubicles, even if it’s just for simple snacks. This will help the office to be a more conducive space to work.

Stick reminders in the washrooms, like washing their hands thoroughly after using the toilet. Bathrooms should be well-stocked with soap, toilet paper, and hand towels. Some businesses hire office cleaners in Adelaide to disinfect the restrooms. If employees are expected to maintain the cleanliness of the washrooms, then your policy should indicate the cleaning frequency and product types to use on floors, toilet bowls, and sinks.

Personal hygiene is defined as your staff’s cleanliness, appearance, and habits. An office hygiene policy can help employees understand what is expected of them in this area. This may include showering, use of deodorant or perfume, facial hair grooming, and hair washing.

Generate an Office Cleaning Calendar

Not all offices hire office cleaners in Adelaide, so each employee should be equally responsible for cleaning the office. Create an office cleaning calendar so everyone will have the opportunity to take their turn in cleaning. The calendar should indicate whose turn it is to clean and which area he is tasked to clean. This schedule will ensure that the cleanliness of the office is maintained daily.

De-clutter and archive. With the advent of technology, your employees don’t need to have as much paper as they used to. They should remove unnecessary documents from their desks and archive everything that they can. Clutter and dirt add to office stress.

Employee desktops need to be clean and organized too. If you cannot see your desktop background, it is time to clean it up. Organize files and documents into separate folders and remove files you do not need anymore. Upload files onto public cloud sharing or your company’s cloud sharing system to save space and enable faster sharing.

Ensure The Availability of Sanitary Products for All Employees

These products should be available to wipe surfaces and prevent germs and bacteria. A simple cold can spread around the workplace during flu season. You can prevent the spread of illness by having hand sanitisers, tissues, and wet wipes available around the office.

Empty common tables since these are more often the dirtiest and most disorganised areas in the office. Keep tables neat by leaving them empty after each use. Remove all papers and pens, and place them in their rightful places. Ask employees not to leave their personal belongings lying around.

Store documents in filing cabinets. If they are not being used, shred them. Dust gadgets, especially the ones owned by the company. Tie up wires and cables since these might cause accidents. Use clips and electrical tape to stick wires to the floor. Anything that employees touch often should be cleaned properly to prevent bacteria spread. These include phones, computers, tablets, etc.

Indoor air quality can be up to five to 10 times worse than outdoor ones. So, why are so many constrained to small offices with restricted openable windows without airflow? Not only is this unpleasant for staff, but it also immensely increases the number of airborne contaminants circulating in the air. The good air quality will make employees feel better, as there is less illness travelling throughout the office, which is very important with the spread of COVID-19.

Have a Clear Recycling System

You should have clear signs on your waste bins (recyclable, non-recyclable, and compostable) to streamline the process of waste segregation. This will encourage your employees to be more responsible and environment-friendly with their garbage.

Hire a Professional Cleaning Service

Commercial office cleaning will help you get your office cleaned and disinfected. These cleaning services remove the burden of vacuuming carpets and cleaning windows. They also sanitise the common areas and the washrooms.

Hiring office cleaners in Adelaide to keep your office clean is vital for businesses that don’t have the time to commit to thorough cleaning. We know that you and your employees have better things to do than to dedicate hours out of your week to cleaning.

Cleaning services can help employees focus on their responsibilities. Their work will be organized and orderly from the moment they arrive, allowing them to start their tasks immediately. Hygiene greatly affects how people perceive their work and the company. A dirty office has a negative vibe, leading to lower morale among staff and inefficient job performance.

When hiring a cleaner, look for an experienced company that can answer your specific requirements for cleaning your office. For commercial and office cleaning services, contact Storm International.

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